Why our Clients love to work with us.

Helping businesses thrive in today’s digital marketplace.

We offer secure technology, responsive design and measurable results. Quality services backed by exceptional customer support is what enables our clients to achieve targeted objectives and an increased ROI.


Why choose us?

Clients choose us because we understand their business, we are experienced, innovative and have been building digital solutions for over 15 years. We like to keep our production process personal, simple and streamlined while delivering a fully customized service. Our virtual office and remote team management allow us to operate efficiently, scale resources as needed, and pass along cost savings to our clients.


Nader Slim

Founder & CEO

Slim Studio’s principal is Nader Slim, a seasoned industry expert adorned by many hats. Having spent years developing internet marketing solutions for bluechip companies, he draws from a wide portfolio of strong skill sets, providing development, creative and marketing consultation through Slim Studio Interactive.

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